Welcome to the world of SIPS, an artisan tea atelier in Sweden, where behind every sip is a story of heritage, craftsmanship and passion.

A Journey of the Senses

Founded by Kathryn Brown and Ole Johnsen, SIPS is the natural evolution of their storied history in the tea trade. Kathryn, a native of Taiwan, brings with her the timeless elegance and rich tea traditions of the Far East. Coupled with Ole’s extensive experience in the Scandinavian market, the pair have jointly conceived, designed, and introduced a plethora of tea initiatives.

Their expertise spans from crafting unique tea blends to intricate packaging designs. The duo has curated tea collections for global giants, collaborating with names such as Hennes & Mauritz for H&M Home, Nicolas Vahé, Moomin, and Søstrene Grene. Their joint endeavors have also given rise to revered tea brands like Teministeriet and Supertea, which they proudly created.

Our tea odyssey has always been steered by a profound reverence for tea craftsmanship. We are steadfast in our commitment to source only the finest leaves and botanicals globally. This dedication has enabled us to weave Eastern tea traditions with Scandinavian aesthetics and palates, creating a tea experience that truly delights the senses.

Now, they introduce SIPS, a reflection on their journey and a renewed exploration of the very essence of tea.

With SIPS, we delve deeper into the artisanal nuances of tea crafting. It’s about celebrating small-batch production, reigniting the mystical allure of tea, and achieving something genuinely unparalleled — a touch of magic.

Whether you’re sipping an Oolong sourced from a secluded rainforest or experiencing a novel twist on the classic Earl Grey, SIPS beckons you to relish the grace, authenticity, and mindfulness infused in every brew.

Core Values

An integral part of our everyday work and endeavors.


Carefully Curated
Hand Packed
Small Batches


Powered by Plants
All Natural


Far-Eastern Roots
Cultural Legacy
Time Honored Techniques