Behind the Scenes: Capturing our Paper Tea Filters

Today was a fun day for us. We had a photo shoot of our new, eco-friendly product: unbleached, biodegradable tea filters with a string. We’re thrilled to give you a behind-the-scenes glimpse of how the day unfolded.

Set and Setting:

We chose a calm, natural setting with ample natural light to emphasize the eco-friendly and organic nature of our product. A rustic wooden table was adorned with fresh leaves and elegant tea sets to set the stage.

Photography Gear:

Our photographer, armed with a high-resolution DSLR and a macro lens, was ready to capture the minute details of the tea filters, highlighting the unbleached texture and organic feel.

Highlights of the Shoot:

  1. Close-ups: We took close-ups of the tea filters, showcasing their natural texture and color. The string was given emphasis, showing its robustness and convenience.
  2. Eco-friendly Messaging: Alongside the tea filters, we arranged compostable items and green plants to resonate with the biodegradable nature of our product.

Once the shoot wrapped up, our team sat down to review the captured images. We looked for shots that not only displayed the product in its best light but also told a story about its eco-friendly attributes.

These photos will soon be featured in our upcoming marketing campaigns. We hope to reach tea enthusiasts and eco-conscious consumers, emphasizing the convenience, quality, and sustainability of our new tea filters.