Green Tea Wuling

Indulge in the pure, organic beauty of Green Tea Wuling a green tea cultivated amidst the misty hills of Zhejiang’s green tea province. Handpicked on chosen hillsides, where the tender tea bushes are embraced by early morning mists and enveloped in soft, billowing clouds, this tea captures the essence of its pristine surroundings. When steeped, it unfurls into a symphony of flavors, offering a finely tart, subtly flowery, and irresistibly sweet taste. With each cup, you’ll be transported to the tranquil, mist-kissed landscapes of Zhejiang, where nature’s grace is brewed into every sip.

Organic green tea from the Wuling hillsides in China.


3-4 MIN




Unveil the serenity of Zhejiang’s lush green tea province with Green Tea Wuling, a pure and organic green tea that embodies the essence of nature’s embrace. This exceptional tea thrives on carefully selected hillsides, where the tea bushes are cradled by the gentle caress of mist and clouds in the high altitudes.

Each leaf tells a story of the mist-kissed mornings and cloud-draped afternoons, capturing the ethereal essence of its surroundings. When brewed, it unveils a symphony of flavors – finely tart, delicately flowery, and irresistibly sweet.

Sip after sip, allow Green Tea Wuling to transport you to the tranquil mountainsides of Zhejiang, where the whispers of mist and clouds are woven into each tea leaf. With every cup, you partake in a timeless tradition, connecting with the pristine beauty and exquisite taste that only nature can provide.


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