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Quince & Wild Sloe

Elevate your tea experience with the artfully blended Quince & Wild Sloe. Crafted with precision, this black tea infusion marries the robust depth of black tea leaves with the tantalizing taste of quince and wild sloe. Adorned with safflower, pink rosebuds, and red rose petals, each steep is transformed into a visual masterpiece that enchants the senses. 

Black tea, natural aroma, safflower, pink rosebuds, red rose petals.


3-4 MIN



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Quince & Wild Sloe is a tea blend that stands as a tribute to the enchanting wilds. Built upon the robust foundation of black tea, this blend waltzes in with the mystique of quince and wild sloe, adorned with the floral elegance of safflower flowers, pink rosebuds, and red rose petals. It’s like a stroll through an old English orchard, where the ripe fruits drop and the flowers bloom freely.

The strong and full-bodied character of black tea sets the tone. Following closely, the subtle tartness of wild sloe becomes evident, reminiscent of wild berries and autumn hedgerows. The quince adds a gentle layer of aromatic sweetness, akin to a fragrant apple or pear. This dance of flavors is then uplifted by the delicate and ethereal presence of safflower flowers and roses.

Sipping Quince & Wild Sloe is like savoring the essence of nature’s bountiful orchards and gardens. Whether you seek a moment of reflection or a flavorful escape, let this blend be your invitation to a world where every cup is an exploration of carefully blended flavors, promising a journey through taste and aroma with each infusion.

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  1. Eva Elftonsson (verified owner)

    Mmmmm! Nice and special!

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