Green Tea Annam

Discover the rare treasure of Vietnam’s ancient tea legacy with Green Tea Annam. Hand-picked from tea trees that have graced the landscape for over a century, this pure green tea boasts the delicate elegance of white snow-tipped leaves. These hidden, century-old tea trees, tucked away in remote villages, hold their secrets close. Few are fortunate enough to glimpse their beauty. With each cup, you embark on a journey through time, savoring the essence of nature’s artistry and the enduring legacy of Vietnam’s oldest tea trees.

Organic hand-picked green tea from trees that are over 100 years old.


3-4 MIN




Journey to the heart of Vietnam’s remote, hidden villages, and uncover the rare gem of Green Tea Annam. This exceptional green tea is more than a tea; it’s a testament to nature’s timeless artistry. Hand-picked from tea trees that have stood for over a century, the leaves of this tea offer a glimpse into the secrets of these ancient groves.

As you steep this tea, you’ll witness the extraordinary beauty of the tips, which glisten like freshly fallen snow, a testament to their purity and elegance. These tea trees, tucked away in the remotest corners of Vietnam, have quietly thrived for generations, their leaves untouched by time.

Only a fortunate few have the privilege of experiencing these venerable trees, nestled in their secluded, pristine villages. Green Tea Annam is a cup of history, culture, and the remarkable resilience of nature. With every sip, you become a part of this story, savoring the essence of Vietnam’s ancient tea heritage and the timeless elegance of nature herself.


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