Rainforest Oolong

Embark on a sensory voyage to the heart of rainforests with Rainforest Oolong. This exceptional oolong, crafted in the Taiwanese style, captures the essence of Vietnam’s unique geological conditions, offering an unmistakably complex aroma that unfolds as expertly twisted olive-green ball leaves. With a pronounced floral note and a cup that gleams with delicate yellow brilliance, every sip is an invitation to explore the enchanting rainforest. Experience the fusion of Taiwanese craftsmanship and Vietnam’s natural wonders in each cup, where the complexity of flavors mirrors the captivating beauty of this pristine landscape.

Oolong tea from the rainforests in Vietnam.


2-3 MIN



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Embark on a journey through lush rainforests with Rainforest Oolong, a pure oolong tea that marries the rich Taiwanese production style with Vietnam’s unique geological conditions, resulting in an exceptional and complex aroma that’s truly one-of-a-kind.

Professionally twisted into olive-green ball leaves, this oolong tea embodies the artistry of tea crafting. Its appearance alone hints at the extraordinary flavor within. As the leaves unfurl, they release a pronounced floral note, reminiscent of the diverse and vibrant rainforest blooms.

When steeped, the infusion reveals a delicate yellow hue, shimmering with brilliance. Each sip of Rainforest Oolong is a journey into the heart of Vietnam’s natural beauty, where the marriage of Taiwanese craftsmanship and Vietnam’s unique terroir results in a tea experience that’s as remarkable as it is unforgettable. Explore the depth of this exquisite oolong and savor the complexity of flavors that mirror the enchanting essence of the rainforest.


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